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Menstrual product revolution

Menstrual activism

Livejournal's Menstrual Activism Community
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Community for the discussion of menstrual activism and issues effecting women's health.
Welcome to the Livejournal Menstrual Activism Community

The function of this community is to act as a place for menstrual activist to share information and support, menstrual activism is in it's most simple terms about dealing with social taboos surrounding menstruation, dealing with issues that come as a result of these taboos such as negative attitudes about menstruation, unhappy periods, lack of education and harmful menstrual products. We aim to educate women about menstrual health, choices available in menstrual options, health issues, environmental issues and campaigning for changes in how companies and society sees menstruation. Education and knowledge about the subject of menstruation is often something greatly overlooked, and in society this is still often viewed as something dirty or embarrassing, menstrual activism also acts as a feminist movement improving social attitudes and education in this area. Don’t be fooled, feminist movements and menstrual health are things which men can be equally as concerned about, not just for the sake of their partners but their own health and the health of the environment.

We are also here to offer education over myth, facts over sugar coating, alternatives and action to take our health into our own hands, this community provides a space to rant about the about menstrual products and our experiences with them. Here we will also discuss way in which we can get our message heard through peaceful and lawful action against mainstream menstrual product manufacturers.

Health issues include TSS, cramps, irritation, vaginal infection, dioxin and other harmful substances within commercial products. Environmental issues include waste and manufacturing practices. Feminist issues include attitudes towards menstruation as an unclean or embarrassing problem rather than a healthy cycle of a menstruating women's body. Long after the white wash campaign, long after the asbestos myth there are still real dangers often overlooked, changing the status quo doesn’t happen overnight however action to change is the first step.

This is a menstrual activism community, although menstruation and menstrual options may be related please keep them to a very minimum as part of an on topic post! If you post an off-topic post it will be removed. Other than this, rules of this community are simply to respect other members and attempt to avoid posting misinformation.

Photo by soul_tremor, taken from blood_art.



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* The Red Tent: A Novel by Anita Diamant
* Taking Charge of Your Fertility: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy Achievement, and Reproductive Health by Toni Weschler
* Under Wraps: A History of Menstrual Hygiene Technology by Sharra Louise Vostral
* The Optimized Woman: Using Your Menstrual Cycle to Achieve Success and Fulfillment: If You Want to Get Ahead, Get a Cycle by Miranda Gray
* Menstrual Taboos by Matriarchy Study Group
* Blessings of the Blood: A Book of Menstrual Lore and Rituals for Women by Celu Amberston
* Seeing Red: Politics of Pre-menstrual Tension by Valerie Hey
* No More Periods?: The Risks of Menstrual Suppression and Other Cutting-Edge Issues about Hormonesand Women's Health by Susan Rako
* Blood Stories: Menarche and the Politics of the Female Body in Contemporary U.S.Society by Janet Lee
* Issues of Blood: Politics of Menstruation by Sophie Laws
* Sweet Secrets: Stories of Menstruation by Kathleen O'Grady

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