Menstrual taboos

As a guy, I'm wondering about how menstrual taboos effect your (ladies) daily lives. I've worked with a lot of women over the years. I work in a public school now, and I've worked as a custodian in earlier years. I've seen "period" moments. A young secretary shamefully asks another secretary if I have the key to the pad dispenser because she started at work and didn't have any change. I've seen utter dread in women who realize they have a stain. I've seen women embarassed to pull their huge purse with them into the ladies room when they usually don't. I've seen girls whisper to other guys if her pad was showing.

I try to compare this to other embarrasing moments, yet "periods" seem to be at the top for women. One woman confided to me that wetting her pants or throwing up doesn't even compare to a period stain. I think a lot of this goes back to ancient/biblical times when all bodily fluids: mainly blood, semen, and vaginal fluid were considered filthy and impure. Women were isolated from society, and anything they touched was contaminated. Semen was also something you didn't dare get on anything except inside...

But some things have changed. Men boast of "creaming their jeans" "jackin' off" or "blowing their load." Women also talk of "creaming their panties" or "getting off" or "being soaked." But what about periods? Most women are still deathly afraid of leaking through, or showing a bulge or string. However, a lady I work with is less discreet. She had to run to the ladies room and have me cover her class, but first "have to check something." She reached in her bag, pulled out a tampon and put it in her pocket and walked to the bathroom. She wasn't too secretive, but still the tampon was hidden in her pocket, instead of carried in her hand.

So I've thought about the story behind the story, and it's the guilt or shame some/most women feel having their period, whether subconscience of it or not. Are you more open and don't care who sees/ knows you are menstruating, or is it still a real private issue? Do you find yourself worried about bulges and stains, or don't you care?

I'm interested in these religious/sociological/historical/psychological/cultural perspectives on menstruation. To be menstrually liberated, can we shun these taboos of shame, guilt, and secrecy, or do promote menstrual openness.

Goodness, I ramble. Thanks for reading.

Hi. Are guys allowed?

Hello. I just joined this community. I hope guys are welcomed here. I don't consider myself a pervert, but a guy interested in the menstrual politics which keep women in many cases, living in a medieval taboo. I have known women throughout the years who were embarassed to let anyone know they're changing a pad or needing a tampon. I like this "menstrual activism" and I believe this forum makes some great points.

I have a link to a story which makes my point about the way women are still treated today


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Lybrel - the new pill that will end your period for good.


"IN May the Food and Drug Administration approved a new birth control pill, Lybrel. It is as effective at preventing pregnancy as the other pills already out there (about 98 percent) but boasts one advantage: Women who take it will never get their periods.

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I like this article. I think this pill is disturbing. What do the rest of you think?

Optional Menstruation

Link to Slate

The danger, from a standpoint of emancipation, is that some of these women won't shut off the bleeding to satisfy themselves. They'll do it to satisfy others. On menstrual-suppression Web sites, you can find testimonies from women who hate their periods for making them too moody for their boyfriends or too tired to go to the office. Their menses are getting in the way of their men. Even a gender-studies major, effusing over Lybrel, told ABC News, "Maybe men would respect women more if they didn't have periods."

Bloodless Revolution
The abolition of menstruation.
By William Saletan
Posted Saturday, May 26, 2007, at 7:02 AM ET

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My period has lasted WAY too long!

So last week i was finally going to have some alone time with my man... and it just happend to land on the time when i would be getting my period.  I have been on Birth control for about 5 months or so now...
I read online and had friends that said you could start a new set of active pills, and dismiss the inactive pills to skip your period. So I did that.. I started a fresh pack of active pills on Sunday and Monday mid afternoon i started my period anway. I am still on my period it has been 9 days... and my period usualy only lasts for about 4 days. I am worried, and wondering WHEN will my period be gone!!! has this happend to anyone else ?? or does anyone know anything about this...

I am usisng Levora btw.

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So what exactly is a "late term abortion" that was just outlawed by the supreme court. All the websites I'm pulling up are either propaganda or just too vague. What exactly did they outlaw? The procedure? Abortions after a certain time period?

inside out

I've been making vagina, menstrual art via tshirt for a while now. I tried submitting them to places like threadless, needless to say they never found their niche, so I decided to produce them on my own! Take a look

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EDIT: I added uterus undies to my site!

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planned parenthood pill patrol

If this is inappropriate someone let me know. It's not exactly menstruation related but definitely female and reproductive oriented. I thought some of you would be interested.

join the PP pill patrol
"Every day in America, women are forced to play the lottery when they walk into their neighborhood pharmacies and ask for Plan B emergency contraception (EC). Planned Parenthood is launching a nationwide campaign to protect women’s health by ensuring that EC is available in every neighborhood in America. We need your help! Sign up to survey a store in your neighborhood now."

amusing diva cup adventures

backstory: so i've had my diva for about 6 or 7 months...and i love it. eventually i've turned my roommate onto it, and she bought one about a month and a half ago. since then we constantly talk to all our housemates (25 other members of the co-ed honors house at my school), focusing specifically on our close girlfriends. i basically evangelize and try to convert them every chance i get. i'm getting close with one girl, rachel!

anyway, so last night, being the wiley underage college girl that i am, i obtained some liquor and we proceeded to surreptitiously get sloshed in my dorm room in the "cave" under our lofted beds. ashley had the brilliant idea to do shots of jack daniels out of (what else?!) our diva cups! it was so hilarious when we busted them out and started filling them with booze and shooting whiskey like it was perfectly normal. at first our friends were kind of weirded out, but we reassured them that we keep our cups very clean, blah blah.

the good part was that it gave us a terrific opportunity to give everyone present a demo of how they work. ash demonstrated the c-fold and i showed them the punchdown fold. : ) the weird part was when the cups got passed around so people could feel them. oh well, i'll just wash it really well before i get my period again. i guess everyone's inhibitions dropped, which was very apparent once ashley started suctioning the cup to her face. before we knew it, she had stuck her diva in her mouth, pursing her lips into a makeshift vagina and showing us all how it worked. i discovered that it's fun to put the cup in your mouth and blow until it pops out.

goodness gracious we are weirdos. oh well! i will post pictures that my friend took when she sends them to me. hope i didn't freak anyone out.

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