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Menstrual product revolution

Menstrual activism

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Funny Commercials
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ashes_to_roses wrote in menstrual_lib
I'd like to hear any thoughts on these commercials, just for the sake of discussion.

I find the first to be hilarious. The other two might be made more funny simply because the products are typical disposables. ^_^

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"Adverts that mock stupidity of tampon commercials...while they're still using the same tricks themselves."

Kotex likely wishes it could compete with cloth, but they shall never be the same things.

IDK about the the reuseables for younger girls. The fact that kids have periods before age 10 is tragic. Frankly, before 15 is way too early (I got mine at 12 and have never needed it, >_<). Pretty little things might help take a way the "ew" factor, but for self esteem and eco reasons, I don't see why these children shouldn't have some pretty little cloth stashes.

I don't understand what Kotex is trying to do with the video of the artist talking about colors. Is it just for the pad-designing game? Notice how everything the artist says can be applied to anything in marketing. *eye roll*

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