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PMS reminder service for men a hit

Alison Stephenson
January 29, 2009 05:00pm

MEN sick of copping a monthly serve have signed up for an online reminder service that warns when pre-menstrual syndrome is about to hit their partner., the brainchild of a 28-year-old bloke whose mates were too often in cycle-related strife, is designed for men who have a darling of a partner for three weeks of the month – and a demon for the rest.

The reminders include pithy messages of encouragement such as “She’s on yellow - tread carefully, fella” - as well as tips for how men can mitigate the damage.

It tells men never to ask if a woman has Pre Menstrual Syndrome, and if all else fails to buy flowers, deemed to be "kryptonite to PMS.",23739,24979854-23272,00.html

What do you think? I'm not sure if i am amused or annoyed.
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