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Menstrual product revolution

Menstrual activism

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Ignorance is Stupid
trinserengel wrote in menstrual_lib
I recently posted a question on Yahoo Answers in the women's health section.  I was asking women what kind of fabric they thought would be best for cloth pads.  I hoping to catch some cloth pad users.

To my surprise (sort of) I got four answers:
  • The first was an incredibly rude comment that I was disgusting and vulgar by even suggesting that women use cloth pads.  This answer made me so angry that I reported it as abuse.
  • Second answer:  "No fabrics are really that good for menstrual pads; however, sheet metal and sandpaper pads are reported to work very well!"
  • Third Answer:  " I don't know about that....not very sanitary...most women would want something they could just dispose of when it comes to that. They use to use cloth menstrual pads in the old days...why go backwards?"
  • Fourth Answer:  "I'd recomend bamboo fiber from trader joe's combined with a light dusting in kosher salt then washing. The salt kills all the viruses and bacteria so you can even re-use them if you don't mind the mess without washing!"  This was the least ignorant and insulting, but I don't think this user knows what she's talking about.
I hate that periods are viewed as dirty and disgusting.  To me they are a part of nature and a sign of fertility.  I mean when you hit menopause, you don't get it any more and you can no longer bear children.

If anyone else her agrees with me, please let me know.

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wow that is really unfortunate, im sorry that ahhhh i dont even know what to say
i make my own cloth pads and i love hemp fleece
you can check out styles and such on my page and feel free to email me if you want info on how to make pads
here are some examples of ones i make

let me know if you need help making them
oh yeah and i dont check the email associated with my livejournal so just email me

hey awesome. I really want the majority of my pads to be made for heavy bleeders. But, alas, I bleed lightly, so I don't know how to do this. Love hemp material in general, so making pads out of hemp sounds wonderful.

Happy New Year.

Awesome pads, do you sell a lot of them? What do you use for the very top layer?

I have an idea to add character to mine. I do want to use mostly organic material (except the pul) and get the material undyed. Then I want to tye-dye the fabric, and make tye-dye pads.

I want this, too! Tie dye pad party at my house!

Whoo hoo. Psychadellic Red Ghost Bed.

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