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Menstrual product revolution

Menstrual activism

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Menopause and Natural Herbal Remedies that WORK!!
britneyxtina wrote in menstrual_lib
hi everyone...i found some great natural herbal remedies...for menopause...that has worked wonders for me...and i thought i share with the rest of the ladies...we all know how hot flashes, mood swings, even depression could be so frustrating at times when we are going through menopause...and oh boy are mine severe or what?! ;)  so I've tired a lot of supplements either given by the dr. or over the counter...but I was tired of taking so many things and chemicals...and none seemed to help long enough!!  so I did my own research...since I cant really trust dr.'s these days ;) !!  hahha....and i found some herbs to be very helpful  Black Cohosh and RemifeminDong Quai , St. John’s Wort

etc....if you  ladies get a chance please take a  look at  these herbal  remedies for  menopause  its really a life savor  !! and if anyone else has tried it or knows of anything else...please let me know about it...i would love to hear from you ladies.... :)

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Hi, I just started reading entries in this community, and I know this was written a while ago but I've been taking St John's Wort for a couple of weeks now for depression and it really does work great! I was so excited to discover that there is a natural remedy for depression as opposed to dealing with psychiatrists and "testing out" different types/dosages of commercial anti-depressants.

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