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Menstrual product revolution

Menstrual activism

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More women becoming eco-period friendly?
brad2542 wrote in menstrual_lib
This article seems to think so. Maybe a positive sign?

(from http://www.lookinggood-feelinggreat.co.uk/LatestNewsnbsp/More-women-changing-their-choice-of-sanitary-protection-/tabid/54/articleID/18586958/Default.aspx)

More women changing their choice of sanitary protection 

09 May 2008

Alternative sanitary protection products are growing increasingly popular among women in the UK, experts say.

Peter Kilvert of Alice Kilvert Tampon Alert said that more women are trying alternatives to tampons such as re-usable cups, which rule out the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome, as well as being more eco-friendly than disposable options.

He commented: "Cups like the Mooncup are excellent, a lot of women are concerned about the environment and don't like disposable sanitary protection, so these are far more environmentally friendly. They are also cheaper in the long-run."

Half of all cases of Toxic Shock Syndrome reported in the UK each year are associated with women using tampons, public health statistics reveal.

While Toxic Shock Syndrome is very rare, approximately 40 cases are reported in the UK each year.

In response, women's health specialists claim that education and awareness is key when it comes to choosing feminine hygiene options.


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i just attended another workshop on why tampons and pads are bad for you and the environment, they arent even sterile, just bleacched, so they look clean, and people assume they are sterile! Yuck!!

heres an awesome site that sells fair trade organic hemp reusable pads!


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