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Menstrual product revolution

Menstrual activism

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On the Rag Forum Night
marwin wrote in menstrual_lib
Here is the official post!

What is it? A forum night about the history of disposables, the problems with them, and alternatives women can choose. Cloth pads will be raffled off to lucky winners!

Where is it? SUNY Albany, 1400 Washington Ave, Albany NY. Room: Humanities 116.

When is it? 7:00PM Monday, April 14.

Who is running it? I (Marwin) will be giving a talk and a discussion opportunity will follow. It is hosted by the Campus Greens.

Why: Because women need to know this information!

How: Thanks to everyone who donated pads, I will have lots of beautiful items to raffle off!

See you there!


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Sounds fun, I hope it goes well.

Can we get some feedback about how it went?

Did you receive money for the raffle? (if so, where did it go to?) Were the women who received their goodies pleased? How did the talk go? Did anyone ask questions and seem interested?

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