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Menstrual product revolution

Menstrual activism

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Luna Pads sale-20% off-including DIVACUPS!
sarar wrote in menstrual_lib
Just thought some of you would like to know.

"The Annual Lunapads.com International Women’s Day sale!
Friday March 7, 12 noon PST - Monday March 10, 12 noon PST get 20% off everything on the site.

Yes, that’s right: 20% off everything from Pantyliners to DivaCups to Lunabalm to Kits to...well, you get the idea. Sorry - Promo and Buying Club codes will not be valid during this time. So stock up, tell a friend about the sale, have fun shopping and don’t forget to celebrate yourself!"

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I am sooo poor until Friday and I was planning to buy a bunch of stuff off their site then.

Aw. :( No fair. Maybe you could borrow it from someone and pay it back on Friday?

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