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Menstrual product revolution

Menstrual activism

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"Red Tent" menstrual workshop
brad2542 wrote in menstrual_lib
I found this story about a college group discussing menstrual taboos.


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Brad, you are made of awesome. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful links and posing such sincere questions to the community. I really appreciate your contributions.

Thanks for the reassurance. I wasn't sure how people felt about me here. I find there is a lot of information on this, but no forum like this to discuss it.

Is there actually any evidence that women went to red tents when they were menstruating? I thought it was just an idea from Anita Diamant's novel.

whether the tents were red or not, I dunno, but I know that in some tribes/bands/chiefdoms/what have you, that women were segregated when they were menstruating, particularly at menarche (rites of passage and what not). I don't have links or anything, I've just heard/read a bit about it in my anthropology class.

I know that some cultures practise separation during menstruation. I think the Samaritans are an example. I'm just a bit pedantic about fictionalised accounts of the past being mistaken for reliable history because then all kinds of buncum passes into the popular perception.

Yep, I thought the Diamant novel was rubbish myself (mostly because it was so poorly-written). Reading anthropology will get you a lot further.

I've never read it myself. I remember a lecturer on the halacha of rape saying that she found it hard to forgive Diamant for portraying Dinah's rape as concensual when the language in the Biblical text makes it explicitly clear that she was raped.

I can't remember that specific incident, it was years ago, but there was a hell of a lot of dodgy stuff, I think there was a scene which was meant to be rape but the narrator then fell in love with the man, something like that.

That's my school! I helped plan that event.

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