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Menstruating in Rwanda

I found another disturbing article today reminding us of what life is like in some parts of the world. We know about social problems around the world: poverty, AIDS, oppression, famine, disease, lack of clean water, etc. But one of the overlooked problems of people in these stricken situations is the systemic injustice of women who have no menstrual protection at all. Affording pads or tampons is a pipe dream. Many women are bleeding all over themselves because the rags they use can't absorb. Many don't attend school while on for many reasons, which means loss of education in school, loss of production at work which means loss of wages, and loss of community interaction as women stay home to bleed instead of being a part of the community. They live in embarrasment, fear, disgrace, and humiliation.

What can be done about this? Sending disposable pads and tampons that will outlive us in a landfill is not the answer. If we could get menstrual cups that could be reused as long as women were trained, maybe that could be done. But getting this word out is what we could do best, so those of you with blogs and message boards could get this word out.

Oh yeah, the story:

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