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Menstrual product revolution

Menstrual activism

Funny Commercials
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I'd like to hear any thoughts on these commercials, just for the sake of discussion.

I find the first to be hilarious. The other two might be made more funny simply because the products are typical disposables. ^_^

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Gladrags Sale
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Hey all,

Some of you might use gladrags reusable menstrual products, and I thought you might like to know they're having a big sale--40% off all color reusable pad three-packs and menstrual cup kits through Saturday at midnight (they don't specify a time zone, but I would guess US Eastern to be safe). The coupon code is FB0609 or TW0609.

It's part of a promotion to get you to join their Facebook page and Twitter page so you might want to do that as well. (I'm not affiliated with them, I just feel kind of bad posting their coupon codes without also giving the plug for their FB/Twitter :)

Free Cloth Pad Giveaway!!
 I just posted a new blog giveaway, come check it out and enter to win this paper doll pad!


News of the weird
PMS reminder service for men a hit

Alison Stephenson
January 29, 2009 05:00pm

MEN sick of copping a monthly serve have signed up for an online reminder service that warns when pre-menstrual syndrome is about to hit their partner.

PMSBuddy.com, the brainchild of a 28-year-old bloke whose mates were too often in cycle-related strife, is designed for men who have a darling of a partner for three weeks of the month – and a demon for the rest.

The reminders include pithy messages of encouragement such as “She’s on yellow - tread carefully, fella” - as well as tips for how men can mitigate the damage.

It tells men never to ask if a woman has Pre Menstrual Syndrome, and if all else fails to buy flowers, deemed to be "kryptonite to PMS."


What do you think? I'm not sure if i am amused or annoyed.
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Ignorance is Stupid
I recently posted a question on Yahoo Answers in the women's health section.  I was asking women what kind of fabric they thought would be best for cloth pads.  I hoping to catch some cloth pad users.

To my surprise (sort of) I got four answers:
  • The first was an incredibly rude comment that I was disgusting and vulgar by even suggesting that women use cloth pads.  This answer made me so angry that I reported it as abuse.
  • Second answer:  "No fabrics are really that good for menstrual pads; however, sheet metal and sandpaper pads are reported to work very well!"
  • Third Answer:  " I don't know about that....not very sanitary...most women would want something they could just dispose of when it comes to that. They use to use cloth menstrual pads in the old days...why go backwards?"
  • Fourth Answer:  "I'd recomend bamboo fiber from trader joe's combined with a light dusting in kosher salt then washing. The salt kills all the viruses and bacteria so you can even re-use them if you don't mind the mess without washing!"  This was the least ignorant and insulting, but I don't think this user knows what she's talking about.
I hate that periods are viewed as dirty and disgusting.  To me they are a part of nature and a sign of fertility.  I mean when you hit menopause, you don't get it any more and you can no longer bear children.

If anyone else her agrees with me, please let me know.

new cloth pads!
I just added a bunch of new cutesy pads to my online shop...swing on in and check them out if you want!

Menstrual lib and the colour of menstrual products
Beech leaves
I recently posted a silly poll on menstrual_cups about the latest development in menstrual cups: cups in different colours. It brought out several women asking the same question. Why should we care what colour a menstrual cup is? Why are so many people feeling passionate about the issue? The discussion developed to cover menstruation taboos as well as the menstrual product industry in general. As I'm fascinated by gender, anthropology, and colour, I thought I'd explore this a little further. It's a bit like the question in the Vagina Monologues, "If your vagina were to go out, what would it wear?"

Anyone can reply, whatever menstrual product they use, whether they love their periods or hate them (or both at once), whether they are aching for a pink and purple marbled cup with spangles to be produced or think the whole idea is a lot of nonsense and the original versions are the best. For all questions, I'm not just interested in a simple answer, but also how you feel about the whole business, how you relate to it personally. If you have conflicting opinions, go on and explore them. Since the answers are likely to be long, please be kind to those of us with visual problems and put paragraph breaks between the sections!

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Cross-posted to menstrual_cups.

I came across this link while browsing around on Facebook.



WOW! Amazing paintings in blood.
I thought I'd cross post this from menstrual_cups 

I was completely squicked out by the idea of art in menstrual blood.  It's not a new idea, either.  

Then, I saw this journal:  http://spiralingmoon.livejournal.com/ 

Wow, wow, wow.  I am amazed.

I hope you enjoy. 
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Menopause and Natural Herbal Remedies that WORK!!
hi everyone...i found some great natural herbal remedies...for menopause...that has worked wonders for me...and i thought i share with the rest of the ladies...we all know how hot flashes, mood swings, even depression could be so frustrating at times when we are going through menopause...and oh boy are mine severe or what?! ;)  so I've tired a lot of supplements either given by the dr. or over the counter...but I was tired of taking so many things and chemicals...and none seemed to help long enough!!  so I did my own research...since I cant really trust dr.'s these days ;) !!  hahha....and i found some herbs to be very helpful  Black Cohosh and RemifeminDong Quai , St. John’s Wort

etc....if you  ladies get a chance please take a  look at  these herbal  remedies for  menopause  its really a life savor  !! and if anyone else has tried it or knows of anything else...please let me know about it...i would love to hear from you ladies.... :)